Preschool Health

50 free preschool health ideas to use as curriculum, unit studies, or as a supplement to your current homeschool curriculum.

50 free preschool health ideas to use as curriculum, unit studies, or as a supplement to your current homeschool curriculum.

Dental Health Emergent Reader

Your kids will love learning about teeth and how to care for them using this fun reading activity!

Healthy Habits 

Teach your little ones all about the importance of healthy habits with this fabulous unit study.

Happy Tooth Sad Tooth Dental Health Sorting Game 

This Happy Tooth Sad Tooth Sorting Game is a great way to teach your kids about how diet can affect your dental health!

Healthy Behaviors Matching Game 

Healthy habits are important to teach your kids at a young age, and this matching game can help!

Tooth Fairy Printables

Incorporate the tooth fairy into your lesson plans with these fun printables.

Flossing Activity for Preschoolers 

Introduce your kids to flossing and how it works with this fun flossing activity.

Dental Health Science Teeth Experiment 

Learn about how different drinks affect your teeth with this science experiment!

Dentist Play Dough Pretend Play 

This play dough pretend play is the perfect way to teach your kids about brushing and let them pretend to be a dentist!

Dental Health Preschool Song 

Learn about the dentist and dental health using this fun sing along song!

All About Me Preschool Science 

Teach your kids to identify and name body parts with this All About Me activity.

Preschool Health Dramatic Play Investigation Station 

Your kids will love pretending to be a doctor in this fun investigation station.

Personal Health Preschool 

Teach your children how to manage emotions and stay clean in this helpful unit study.

Food Groups Activity Pack

This activity pack has everything your little ones need to start learning about the food groups!

Healthy Teeth Kids Activity

Good oral hygiene is essential, especially at a young age! Use this activity to teach your little ones just how important it is!

Toothpaste and Brushing Experiment 

This experiment will show your kids the importance of brushing and the toothpaste you use!

Food Groups Sorting Printable Activity 

Your kids can learn about the important food groups and maintain a healthy lifestyle with this activity.

Eating a Rainbow 

Eating the rainbow is an important concept for your little ones to understand and this activity makes it easy!

Make Hand Washing Fun 

This simple hand washing activity is a great way to make hand washing fun!

Glitter Germ Experiment 

Learn how fast germs can spread using this glitter germ experiment.

A Preschool Investigation of Healthy Foods 

Use discovery tubes to learn more about healthy foods!

Heart Healthy Exercise 

Use this printable to learn all about the importance of having a healthy heart through exercise. 

Soap And Water Play Sensory Activity

Give your kids a sensory experience that can make hand washing fun with this fun sensory activity.

Brush Away Germs 

Learn to brush away the germs and learn your ABCs at the same time with this activity.

Healthy Food Sort 

Use this activity to teach your little ones about healthy food and how it’s important to fuel your body.

Teeth Number Games 

Help your little one with number recognition and counting all while learning a little about teeth too!

50 free preschool health ideas to use as curriculum, unit studies, or as a supplement to your current homeschool curriculum.

DIY Tooth Models & Tooth Sensory Play 

This tooth model and sensory play activity is a great way to teach your kids about going to the dentist and the importance of brushing their teeth!

Heartbeat Patterns 

This activity is great for fine motor practice and for learning about your heartbeat!

Me and My Family Preschool Activities 

Teach your little ones about character traits and more with these fun activities!

Heart Pumping Science Experiment 

This hands-on activity is a great way to teach your little ones more about the human heart!

All About My Body and 5 Senses 

Teach your kids all about their body and the five senses with this unit study!

How Do Lungs Work? Make A Model Lung 

Teach your kids about how the lungs work by making a model!

Learning About the Human Body

Teach your kids about what really lies inside one drop of blood with this science experiment!

Make a Brain Model

Use play dough to make a brain model with this cool activity!

What is Blood Made Of? 

This fun sensory activity is a great way to teach your little ones about what blood is made of.

Anatomy Printable Paper Doll

Study the human body with your kids by having them make these anatomy paper dolls.

Preschool: My Body 

Use these fun activities to teach your little ones all about their bodies!

Easy Heart Pump Model: Cardiovascular STEM for Kids 

This easy low prep activity is a great way to teach your kids all about how the human heart pumps blood!

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Playdough Mat Game 

This playdough mat game is a great way to teach your kids about their bodies in a fun interactive way!

My Five Senses Sorting Cards

Teach your children about the five senses using these sorting cards.

How to Make a Stethoscope 

Using a few simple materials, your kids can make their very own stethoscope to hear their heartbeat!

Human Body Model 

Introduce your kids to human anatomy in a less intimidating way with this activity!

Human Body For Kids: Activities And Facts 

Using this human body unit study, your kids can learn all about the human body in a fun way!

Muscular System Hand Craft

This craft makes it easier to learn about the muscular system with a visual representation!

Why the Human Body Needs Both Muscles and Bones 

This simple demonstration is the perfect way to teach your little ones about the importance of muscles and bones.

Human Body: The Backbone 

This craft can make the backbone a little more visual for your kids and help them learn about why it’s so important!

Human Body Unit Study 

Help your little ones learn about their heart and how it plays an important role in the body with this creative activity.

Human Heart for Kids: How Does the Heart Work? 

This simple lesson plan will teach your kids about the human heart in a way they can understand!

Human Body Matching Game

This human body matching game introduces both the organs and how they work in a fun easy to learn way.

DIY Stethoscope 

Teach your kids about doctors and medicine with the help of this handy craft!

Life-Size Organs for Studying Human Body Anatomy with Children 

You can use this activity for studying anatomy or to help build a life size model with your kids!

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