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Simple School Source is a one-stop shop for all your school needs. We provide links to educational resources, arts and crafts ideas, and subject material examples to help schools be more creative with their curriculum. Browse through our list of suggestions on how to plan a lesson in minutes or use it as an example of what you can do when you’re out of ideas!



Do You Need An L&D Glow Up? 8 Red Flags That Your Tech Onboarding Program Is Showing Its Age

- Christopher Pappas

Discover what makes your tech onboarding program a thing of the past and start implementing fresh ideas and approaches to welcome and train your new tech hires. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. [...]

A Professor Spoke About ‘Campus Illiberalism.’ Students Shouted Him Down Over His Anti-LGBTQ Views.

By Amita Chatterjee Robert P. George of Princeton had been invited to give a lecture at Washington College. Free-speech advocates say campus security should have intervened. [...]

OPINION: Higher education must take the lead on climate change, beginning on our own campuses

- Mildred García and Kim Hunter Reed

As higher education leaders in California and Louisiana, we see the impacts of the changing climate across the communities we serve. Propelled by historically warm oceans, after the hottest July ever recorded, Hurricane Idalia wreaked deadly havoc across the Southeast.… [...]