Preschool Science

50 free preschool science ideas to use as curriculum, unit studies, or as a supplement to your current homeschool curriculum.

50 FREE Preschool Science Activities

50 free preschool science ideas to use as curriculum, unit studies, or as a supplement to your current homeschool curriculum.

Butter in a Jar: Simple Dr Seuss Science 

All you need is one ingredient and a little work to make this super fun and easy science experiment.

Conversation Heart Catapults 

Let your kids build their very own catapults using conversation hearts and popsicle sticks to learn about kinetic energy and even gravity!

Hot Ice Science Experiment 

You only need two ingredients, that you probably already have on hand, to make this easy and fun hot science experiment!

Shake the Rainbow Sensory Bottle

This is a fun sensory activity that your kids will love! This mess free activity is perfect for learning about matter or rainbows!

Preschool Science: Viscosity 

There are so many fun ways to teach your little ones how viscosity works through play time!

My Five Senses Sorting Cards 

Your little ones will love learning about the five senses using these cool sorting cards.

Growing a Crystal Tree 

This surprisingly easy crystal science experiment is a great way to learn about crystals and do a fun holiday craft too!

Erupting Lemon Volcano Chemistry

Using a lemon and a bunch of other common household ingredients, your kids will love erupting lemons like a volcano!

States of Matter Activities 

Help your little ones learn and understand the different states of matter using this handy activity list!

Sink or Float Water Sensory Bin

With this cool science experiment, your kids can experiment with different items and test whether or not they float!

Ghost Balloon Science Activity 

Your little ones will have a blast filling up these balloons using some basic ingredients from around your home.

Rainbow Jar

This easy rainbow jar activity is so easy to prep, and your little ones will have so much fun!

Scratch and Sniff Five Senses Art

This scratch and sniff art is a fun hands-on science activity for your kids to learn about the five senses.

Burning Money 

Your little scientists will think your money is magic once they try out this cool science experiment!

Preschool Apple Science Investigation Using the 5 Senses 

Using a few apples, your kids can utilize them to learn about the five senses and learn a bit more about apples too!

Preschool Science: Weight 

Use items around your house to help teach your kids about weight and how each item has its own unique weight.

Preschool Evaporation Activity

Evaporation can be a difficult concept to teach to your little ones, but with this activity, it makes learning about evaporation so much easier!

Popcorn Science

This fun edible science activity is a great way to make your next movie night an educational one!

Milk Surface Tension Experiment

With this easy science experiment, your kids will be able to easily learn about surface tension and how it works!

Ladybug Life Cycle Wheel 

This fun crafting science activity combines art and science to teach your kids all about the life cycle of a ladybug!

Gravity Drop

Teach your kids about force and gravity using this really simple gravity drop science experiment!

Making a Tornado in a Jar 

You may not have tornadoes where you live, but with this science experiment, your kids can get an up close look at them!

Simple Soil Science 

This cool science project is a great way to teach some basic gardening skills to your little ones while also helping them experiment with soil.

Floating Foil Boat Experiment 

This cool floating or sinking boat experiment is a fun way for your kids to get creative and do some science fun too!

All About Me Preschool Science 

Using this cool all about me preschool science activity, your kids can get to know the parts of the body and more about themselves! 

50 free preschool science ideas to use as curriculum, unit studies, or as a supplement to your current homeschool curriculum.

Turning a Penny Green Science Experiment 

Your kids will learn all about malachite and The United States in this fun patriotic science experiment.

DIY Stethoscope

With this cool science experiment, your kids can learn all about their heartbeat, and build their own stethoscope too!

Rainbow In A Jar: Water Density Experiment

This water density experiment uses sugar water to make a cool and beautiful rainbow in a jar.

Colorful Rainbow Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment 

These fizzy rainbows are so easy to make, that even your toddler can do them all on their own!

Fizzing Rocks Science Experiment 

Making fizzing rocks is so easy! This is a great time to talk about different kinds of rocks and introduce chemical reactions.

Computer Deconstruction 

What’s inside a computer? With this cool experiment your kids can use the scientific method to guess what’s going to happen and then deconstruct a computer.

Crystal Butterfly Craft 

Use a few simple ingredients to make these adorable little crystal butterflies.

Homemade Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk Paint 

If you’re looking for a fun way to get your kids outside, you can’t go wrong with this cool fizzy sidewalk chalk paint experiment.

Outer Space Hats 

Teach your kids about the planets and even the order of them by making these cool outer space hats!

How to Make Giant Bubbles

Giant bubbles are such a fun science experiment that you can use to teach your kids about different kinds of bubbles, states of matter, and even the rainbow effect!

How to Make Fluffy Slime with Sta-Flo Liquid Starch 

This fluffy slime is so easy to make and is a fun way to look at how liquid starch can make such a cool slime!

Snow Volcano 

The next time it snows, bring your kids outside for this fun science experiment in the snow! They’ll make their very own volcano that erupts in fun colors.

A Simple Science Activity That Will Get Rid of the Monsters Under the Bed 

If your kids are afraid of the monster that lives under the bed, this simple science activity is perfect!

Flower Sensory Play Preschool Science Water Sensory Bin

This fun flower sensory preschool science experiment smells just as nice as it is beautiful!

Fruity Boats

What fruit will make the best boat? Find out by doing this fun sink or float science experiment.

Unidentified Bug Specimen Craft 

If you’re looking for a unique way to learn about bugs and even have some Halloween fun, you can’t go wrong with this cool bug specimen experiment.

Marshmallow Science Experiment-Color Change 

Watch yoru marshmallows change color with this cool science experiment!

Preschool Science: Learning About Butterflies

Learn all about butterflies using this cool preschool science set up! This post has everything you need to know when it comes to learning about butterflies

Easy Preschool Plant Activity 

This cool science experiment will not only teach your kids about plants, but also help them identify parts of a flower.

Build a Robot Game 

Do you have a kid who loves robots? If they do, they will love this fun preschool science robot game.

Apple Science Experiment: Prevent Browning

This cool apple science experiment will not only help prevent your apples from browning but teach your kids about apples too!

Squishy Science Experiment With Warblettes 

Your kids will want to watch these Warblettes for hours as they grow and change in size!

Sprout House 

Teach your kids about planting seeds by having them build and grow their own sprout house!

How to Make Your Own Blizzard in a Bag 

It might not be snowing where you live, but you can still teach your little ones about blizzards with this fun experiment.

Preschool Science: Learning About Fish 

This fun sensory activity has a bunch of great ideas to help your little ones learn about different kinds of fish and the ocean.

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