Preschool Math

50 free preschool math ideas to use as curriculum, unit studies or as a supplement to your current homeschool curriculum.

50 FREE Preschool Math Activities

50 free preschool math ideas to use as curriculum, unit studies, or as a supplement to your current homeschool curriculum.

Counting with Pom Poms

Use pom poms to help your kids learn about counting and sorting.

Ladybug Number Fun 

Using these ladybug and leaf activity, your kids can learn about counting and numbers in a fun and engaging way.

Train Number Matching Card Game 

These number cards are a great way to practice matching, learn numbers, and begin counting numbers.

Addition Tic-Tac-Toe Math Game 

Your little ones will have a blast practicing addition with this cool math addition game.

Snack Math 

Edible math is a great way to make math more fun! Use fruit snacks or gummies to play this fun snack math game.

Spring Geoboard Activity Cards 

These geoboards are fun hands-on math learning for your math center or a fun independent math activity for your kids.

Fishing Math Game

Your kids will have so much fun making and playing their very own math game using fish with this cool fishing math game.

Two Preschool Math Activities with Duplo Legos 

There are so many fun math activities you can do with Duplo Legos! Use them to stack numbers or make patterns in these fun activities.

The Littlest Bean Counter: Preschool Math Activity 

This simple math activity is a great way to use items you have at home to practice counting and numbers.

Fruit Loop Graph and Fine Motor Practice 

Use Fruit Loops to create a fun and hands-on way for your kids to learn about graphs! It’s also great fine motor practice too!

Tide Pool Skip Counting Math Game

Your kids can learn about multiples or skip counting using this fun Tide Pool Skip Counting math game.

Preschool Math Activity: Number Boxes 

You can teach number value, quantity, and more with this cool number box activity!

Monster Counting Activity and Free Printable Monster Number Cards

Learn to count using monsters with this fun activity and printable monster number cards.

Kite Number Roll Game

Help your kids make kites and then play this fun number roll game to help them identify numbers.

Fruit Themed Count and Clip Cards 

These fruit themed count and clip cards are great fine motor practice and a fantastic way to learn counting, and one-to-one correspondence. 

Watermelon Math Activity 

These fun watermelon cards are a great way to practice counting, number recognition, and addition with 10.

Shape Sorting Activity

Teach your kids about shapes and sorting with this fun shape sorting activity.

Foam Math Cards

These foam math cards are a great way to make your own DIY counting practice for your kids.

Counting Action Dice 

This fun gross motor math game is a great way for your kids to practice counting with dice!

Roll and Cover Christmas Math

Your kids will have fun with number recognition and covering up their tree with this fun roll and cover math activity.

Watermelon Geoboard 

This fun hands-on math activity uses a real watermelon to make geoboards!

Roll and Say Summer Shapes Game 

Your kids will learn the names of shapes and what they look like using this fun summer shapes game.

Preschool Zoom Game 

Your kids will love learning about numbers and shapes with this fun hide and seek zoom game.

Math Patterns Using Apple Prints 

Create math patterns and teach your kids about patterns using this fun apple math pattern art and math activity.

Preschool Math with Number Houses

Create your own number houses with this fun hands-on activity and math craft.

50 free preschool math ideas to use as curriculum, unit studies or as a supplement to your current homeschool curriculum.

Domino Line-Up Preschool Math Activity 

This hands-on math activity is so quick and easy to put together! Your kids can use numbers to match up the numbers on the cards or use them to do some simple addition.

Number Matching Game

Your kids can start practicing number recognition with this fun number matching game.

Snowman Counting Activity

Your little ones will have such a fun time building snowmen and learning to count with this fun counting activity.

Printable Math Game 

This roll and cover jar of stars is such a fun way to practice number recognition using a fun game!

Free Counting Worksheets To Help With Numbers Counting 

These worksheets are perfect for helping with number recognition and helping your kids practice number order.

Car Parking Lot Preschool Math Grid Game

This fun preschool math game would be perfect for a transportation unit or as a fun number correspondence game.

Robot Measurement Math Tray 

Using blocks, your kids can start learning how to count by measuring their robots!

Counting Flowers Book

This fun coloring book is a great way for your kids to get creative and practice counting.

Roll a Rainbow Preschool Math Game

This roll a rainbow activity is a great way for your kids to practice number recognition and color at the same time!

Coin Sorting Preschool Math Activity

Use your loose change to practice coin sorting and number recognition with your little ones.

Popsicle Stick Numbers 

Use popsicle sticks and this worksheet to help your little ones learn to count to 20!

Colors Mitten Matching Game 

This fun matching game is a great way to practice number recognition and learn about colors.

Sun-Themed Math: Count and Clip Cards

All you need are these cards and some clothespins to play this fun and easy game! Your kids will love practicing numbers and making little suns in this fun activity.

How to Make Tessellations

Combine math and art to make tessellations with your kids!

Dot Sticker Math

Teach your kids about number quantities using this fun and easy number activity.

Cloud Shape 2D Shape Name Cards

You can use these 2D shape cards to learn the different shapes, or use them for some messy play!

Germ Counting Mats 

This germ counting mat is a fun and easy way to teach your little ones about numbers and counting.

Butterfly Number Matching Activity 

Practice number recognition, counting, and more with this fun butterfly number matching activity.

Counting Worms Preschool Math Sensory Bin

Your kids will have a blast hunting for worms and counting up how many worms are in this fun sensory bin activity.

Rainbow Math with a DIY Abacus 

Making your own abacus is a great way to practice fine motor skills and teach your kids counting!

2D Shape Puzzles

Shape recognition can be challenging, but with these 2D shape puzzles, it will be a fun and engaging activity your kids can enjoy!

Preschool Apple Themed Math and Free Printable Apple Counting Cards 

This fun Montessori-themed math activity is a great way to teach counting and number recognition to your kids.

Unifix Cubes

These unifix cubes are a great way to practice one-to-one correspondence, counting, and stacking for your little ones.

Ten Frame

Ten Frame is a fun way for your kids to use anything around your house to practice sorting, patterns, and counting!

Gummy Bear Math

Use gummy bears to practice patterns, math, and counting with this fun gummy bear math activity.

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